We use traditional (or vintage style) construction techniques where these are of higher quality than modern techniques. Some modern advances do represent a genuine improvement, however, and will adopt these where appropriate.

Our amplifiers are always designed and built very carefully using high quality components. Building time and component costs are not a consideration. On the other hand we never use excessively costly parts that only offer mythical benefits.

Our amplifiers are actually designed by us and are not 'clones'.

Some of the quality factors in our design and build approach:

  • UK manufactured, fully shrouded, transformers (of substantial size and weight)
  • Premium silver mica and polyester film capacitors (e.g. Mallory)
  • Premium electrolytic capacitors (e.g. F&T)
  • Large high quality metal film resistors (more robust and lower noise than the very small modern resistors)
  • Steel chassis, for long term durability (an aluminium chassis would eventually sag under the weight of transformers, e.g. see very early Marshall 100W amps)
  • High silver content lead-free solder
  • Turret board construction, using 3mm board
  • Ceramic valve bases
  • Valves supplied are selected for quality not for lowest cost
  • UK hand made loudspeakers (Tayden)
  • UK hand made cabinets using traditional materials
  • Each amplifier is fully tested by ourselves and then safety-tested by an independent company
  • Each amplifier is supplied with a unique User Manual, including test results for that particular unit.