IRVING amplification

  • Guitar Amplifiers
  • Hand wired in Derbyshire
  • Traditional (vintage-style) construction
  • High quality components
  • Point-to-point and turret-board wiring (no Printed Circuit Boards)
Malcolm Irving

IRVING amplification is a 'cottage industry' founded by Malcolm Irving - a fully qualified professional electronics engineer and amateur guitarist. After early retirement from a Professorship in Electrical Engineering, he started the company to design and build classic and vintage-style guitar amplifiers.

Every amplifier is treated as an individual project. For example, the User Manual supplied with each amplifier includes test measurements and other details for that individual amplifier. We keep a record of every amp we build and like to keep in touch with the amplifier's owner over the long term.

We are very customer-friendly. You can send us a message us at any time and we are always happy to answer questions about our products. Complete our form below, or send an email to

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